Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Road of Life

by Stephen Z. Biller

Life, the Christian life in particular, has often been compared to a road. This seemingly trite comparison took on new meaning for me recently when I read something by Charles Stanley. It was on the life of Samson.

Samson was born for a purpose, and Mr. Stanley pointed out that he was also given everything he needed to succeed. Let's consider: good parents, an upbringing sheltered from the sins of his culture, and even a special gift from God. Yet, Samson also had a weakness, and he chose to indulge in that weakness instead of relying on his God to help him stand against it.

Whenever I read this, I immediately saw the similarity this has with the child of a conservative Christian family. Most of us homeschooled conservative kids have good parents. We have had a positively sheltered upbringing (it really is a good thing!). And finally, we even have a special gift(s) from God. (I believe everyone has a special gift from God; a talent, if you will, that is intended for the glory of God.) And we all have our own weaknesses. They may not be in the same category as Samson's, nor may they seem all-consuming. Yet, one thing that I have read many times in the writings of great Christian authors/teachers is that anything that is not in line with the will of God is sin for us and a pot hole on our road to salvation.

A man does not progress down a road by driving his car into every pothole. If he did this, he would eventually come to a hole that was too deep to get out of. Instead, he finds ways to avoid the potholes. Likewise, we need to avoid the potholes on our roads. The great thing is that we have a Navigator (the Holy Spirit) and a Compass (God's Word) to help us along the Way.

I am throwing myself into the arms of Jesus to help me avoid my weaknesses. Won't you do the same?